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Dark Mountain race course
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Never been to the BURN 24 Hour? Here’s what you need to know:

What address can I plug into my GPS to get there?

499 Reservoir Road, Wilkesboro, NC  28697

What time does the race start?

We’ll start racing at noon on May the 25th.  There will be a racer’s meeting at 11am with the dreaded LeMans start one hour later.  Your last lap must be started by noon on Sunday and completed by 1pm to be included in your official lap count.

What should I bring?

  • Food Food, food and more food. Anything that makes your tummy happy! Though, from a purely performance point of view, oatmeal, pasta, protein shakes and bars and fruits are great choices to keep those legs spinning!
  • Drinks We will have water on course at the checkpoints and at the expo, but we still recommend you bring your own merely as a convenience.
  • Bike Parts Put it this way: If it can break, it’s a good idea to have a replacement handy! We’ll also have Brushy Mountain Bicycles &  Magic Cycles on hand selling parts, tubes, tires, whatever you need. We recommend back up wheels, tires, tubes, derailleur and chains at the least. And an extra bike is always nice… just in case.
  • Tools and the knowledge to use them. Or, you can just use our friendly sponsoring bike shop’s free tech support.
  • Camping Gear Tent, Rainfly, sleeping bag, pad, camp stove (Open campfires are NOT allowed!), chairs, table.
  • Clothes Bring every pair of cycling shorts you own. Nothing’s worse than having to pull on a cold, wet pair of bike shorts at 3am. Lots of jerseys are good too. The temperature can swing quite a bit here that time of year, so bring warm riding clothes for after dark, and warm clothes to relax in after your lap.
  • Other Use common sense. Bring what you want, but be sure to pack it all out! Please bring a trash bag to put your stuff in, and extra toilet paper ain’t a bad idea. Some other cool things we’ve seen people bring include: Propane space heaters, baby wipes, expo tents, sunscreen, flashlights, RVs, 2-way radios, water bottles, gloves, generators and more.

What’s the parking situation?There will only be THREE cars per team allowed in the pit areas. Please pack into one car and carpool! Other team vehicles and spectators will have to park in the secondary parking lot on the other side of the dam.  If you choose to leave a car inside the camping/event field, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTIL THE CONCLUSION OF THE RACE. 

Can I bring my dog/cat/hampster?We know, they’re little members of the family, even if they are kinda hairy. If you must bring your pet, you must keep it on a leash and under control. And when nature calls, bring some plastic grocery bags to pick up after them. The race is hard enough without having to watch out for landmines.

I’ve registered, but now I can’t make it to the race…can I get a refund?The real loss here is that you can’t make it to the race, of course. That said, we are unable to offer refunds, but you can transfer your registration to someone else…just make sure you contact us and send us the new person’s info. Then, when they check in, they should double check that everything’s switched over correctly and they’ve signed a waiver. Please don’t wait until the last minute to tell us…it’s less likely you’ll find an alternate and we may have to delay the change until after the race start if you try to do it the morning of.