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Dark Mountain race course
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Bringin’ the Heat to the BURN!

The 2011 B24 saw record lap times, both day and night!  Julia Tellman peeled off the fastest laps among female competitors.  Her fast day lap was timed at 41:15.547 followed by a lap in the dark at 44:44.543.  Julia earned $150 from Boone Bike & Touring and a Seca 700 from Light & Motion.  Not a bad haul for two fast laps!  The dude’s competition was tight!  Bradford Perley scored the fast day lap with a time of 33:16.121.  Defending fast lap winner Tristian Cowie turned a 33:18.606 followed by Bradford’s teammate, Sott Fredrick at 33:25.120.  Those cats were smokin’ it!  Bradford scored $150 from Boone Bike & Touring for his effort.  Alex Ryan turned an impressive lap under the cover of darkness that would typically rival any fast day lap.  He was timed at 35:18.688 and took home a retina scorching Seca 700 from Light & Motion for BURNing up the night.  It’s worth mentioning that Alex comes from the same team as Bradford and Scott Fredrick.  These guys along with their Champion System/Cannondale teammates set a new record in the 3 – 5 man category  turning 40 laps overall.

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Alex Ryan - Julia Tellman - Bradford Perley

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